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Commercial Loan

A commercial building offering jumbo loan amounts.

A commercial loan is a mortgage that is secured by commercial property such as retail centers, office buildings, hotels, and apartments. They can be used to acquire commercial property, develop and construct new commercial property, or for any other cash need the business may have. Commercial loans are typically made to business entities such as corporations, developers, partnerships, and trusts, however these loans can also be made to individuals as well. Regardless of the structure and type of commercial loan you’re looking for, we have a commercial product that’s right for you!


Advantages to Commercial Loans

  • Easier Than Residential Qualifications – Just because you don’t have perfect credit doesn’t mean you can’t get the best rates.  We have products that focus on the debt service coverage rather than your credit score to get you the best commercial loan for your specific needs.
  • Flexible Loan Terms – With amortization terms from 25 to 40 years and repayment terms from 10 to 30 years, you choose the loan terms that work best for you and your property.
  • Less Paperwork Involved – Sometimes commercial lenders can request every document under the sun to get your loan approved.  We have some limited documentation loan programs and focus on only the documents that will be required to get your loan approved.

Commercial Loan Requirements

In order to obtain a commercial mortgage, you will want to provide details regarding the specific commercial property you are looking to purchase, or the property you are looking to refinance.  If you are looking to make a new commercial property purchase, the first step of this process is to get pre-approved.  If you are looking to refinance your existing commercial mortgage, speaking to one of our licensed loan officers will give you the education you need to make an informed decision so you can get your current commercial mortgage refinanced.


Commercial Loan Options

  • Fixed and Adjustable Rates – Choose the type of rate that will work best for you and your business need.
  • Interest Only Loans – Need an interest only payment for your commercial loan?  We have the right products just for you!
  • Bank Statement Loans – Having difficulty qualifying because of legitimate write offs your business takes?  Our bank statement loans may help get you qualified.
  • Private Solutions – Just because you may not have good credit or income doesn’t mean you can’t get a loan.  We have equity based solutions that will get you the loan you need in as little as 5 days
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